Derek Scally Heating and Plumbing Ltd, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland.

Renovations & Extensions

Do you feel that you need some extra space in your home? Is your family growing and surroundings getting smaller? Is space becoming an issue or are you just tired of the old cramped kitchen, bathroom, and living room?

Would you love a bigger home but in these recessionary times you just can’t afford to buy or design and build a new house?  Do you feel like giving up on your dream?

Well we can suggest there is no need to compromise!!  Derek Scally Renovations are the lower cost solution to designing and building a new home.

Derek Scally Renovations will carry out these renovations with his dedicated team of professionals.  Our team pay great attention to clients wishes, we advise on a design that will fit in and suit your home which will give you all the extra space you dream of, be it installing and re-fitting a new kitchen or bathroom in an extension or making renovations and refitting new appliances in your old kitchen or bathroom.

Derek Scally Renovations can provide you with a new renovation, bathroom, kitchen that you will love to show to your friends and family.  We will provide a finish second to none and deliver a service on time and within agreed budgets.

Why not give us a call for an informal chat about your renovation needs.  You can be assured of a great interest in your ideas and a committed determination to bring those ideas to fruition.