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Water Meters, Water Saving Devices

A hot topic today & all this year is water saving, water conservation, water meters, etc, etc… Yes we will now have to pay for water from 2015 & there is very little we can do but adapt to water metering…. Thus water saving is a must if you want to keep the cost at a minimum….

We at Derek Scally Plumbing specialise in water supply & water saving services.  We are working with Irish Water on a emergency supply contract service basis & are very aware of the latest products to help you the home owner save water metering costs from the beginning of this new phase of charges.

Take for example a great idea which was highlighted on Dragons Den a number of months ago.. The Tap Lock, a simple solution, but very effective.  Those days when you are at work, you don’t know who is accessing your water supply.  Well this will not stop the bill coming in from the water metering company Irish Water, thus this simple tap lock device does the job. We love the idea & would recommend any home owner to invest in one..

Another water meter saving device is the installation of an underground water reclaiming tank that can then be used to supply your toilets, outdoor taps etc.  We have installed numerous in the last few months & involve a system of an underground water tank, piping run off from your rainwater down pipes & a pump to send the water from the tank back to the required outlets… Simple yet a very effective way of recycling rain water & saving greatly on the water meter charges…

Recently we have seen a surge in customer enquiries about surveying their business & home water supply network to ensure no leaks etc.  We are delighted to provide such a service as it helps identify any leaks now & to make suggestions where other savings can be made before the 2015 water meter charge introduction.  Our specialised team will happily survey your premises & ensure there are no leaks, replace & fix any issues to ensure you are getting the best value for money when the water metering comes in next January.

To sum up our latest blog, yes the water metering is coming in & a commodity we took for granted is to become a considerable cost, a product we have to pay for so why not let the professionals help you, just send us an email/enquiry & one of our team will be with you shortly, that’s Derek Scally Plumbing for all your water saving needs…..