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Solid Fuel Heaters

These days fuel has become very expensive and the most efficient way to heat your home is by using solid fuel in a true closed appliance like a stove or range.

Derek Scally Plubing & Heating can supply and install a wide range of both built-in and free-standing stoves/ranges for using gas, oil, or solid fuel. Stoves can be up to three times more efficient than a typical open fire. The different types of solid fuel appliances include;

Solid-Fuel Stoves
A solid fuel stove can burn different fuels like coal, wood or turf. In some areas only smokeless fuels are allowed so these solid fuel stoves are perfect as they will burn smokeless coal.

Gas Burning Stoves
This type of stove is very popular as they are very high in fuel efficiency. Very often they are identical in design to the traditional multi-fuel stove.

Oil Burning Stove
The costs of running an oil burning stove are very low. Some models have hot water boilers and these models run continuously for many hours.

Back Boilers
A back boiler is a device which is fitted to the back of a solid fuel heating stove or open fire. It can heat the room or central heating. It also provides hot water.

There are solid fuel burning ranges, oil fired ranges or gas fired ranges.
Ranges can be used for both cooking and heating. Some models provide full or partial central heating. Solid fuel ranges burn a wide variety of fuels – coal, turf, timber or wood pellets.