Derek Scally Heating and Plumbing Ltd, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland.

Frozen Pipes

Derek Scally plumbing specialises in the repair of frozen pipes.  With over 15 years of experience, Derek and his team offer a quick response service in the case of a customer experiencing frozen pipes during a cold spell.

How does a customer realise they have frozen pipes;

  • Be prepared during cold snaps and expect the unexpected
  • Sudden water stoppage can mean water starting to freeze in the pipes
  • Water tank in the attic empty/ not refilling
  • Discovery of burst pipe, water connection, pipe cracked
  • If you can hear a continuous sound of water running in your home when everything is turned off.

Immediate Action upon discovering frozen pipe leak;

  • Shut off water supply at mains
  • Contact your plumber and get an expected time of arrival
  • Close off radiator/water supply valves where necessary & limit as much water supply to the leak
  • Place buckets/vessels under all leaks to capture as much water as possible
  • If you find water gathering from a ceiling leak, put a small hole in the ceiling and allow water drain away.  This can save on further costs to repair a whole ceiling section

Derek Scally repair services for frozen pipes includes;

  • Prompt reply with accurate time estimation of response to your emergency
  • Immediate remedial works to stop frozen pipe leak where necessary
  • Quick onsite assessment and estimation of overall costs involved to repair
  • Professional and guaranteed repairs carried out by experienced team
  • Available to advise with any other plumbing & heating needs.