Derek Scally Heating and Plumbing Ltd, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland.

Building Maintenance

Derek Scally Heating & Plumbing offers a full building maintenance service.  This service has evolved over the last 8 years through existing companies who Derek has completed projects for.

Through these long term business relationships Derek and his team have demonstrated the benefits and ultimate cost savings with proper maintenance routine.  This has led to the development of yearly building maintenance contracts for a more proactive approach to a company’s maintenance needs.

Derek and his team offer building maintenance contracts which are customised to their clients’ needs.  Each company has different maintenance requirements depending on company size, building layout, the age of the building etc, thus before Derek Scally offers a maintenance contract, a full review of the building is required.

The building maintenance service provides a proactive approach to maintaining a busy complex, help reduce plumbing, heating issues and reduce the risk of major faults which can adversely affect productivity.  Simple issues which are ignored can lead to larger problems in the future.  Derek Scally Heating & Plumbing offers a maintenance solution that is fit for each company needs.

For all your maintenance needs or to enquire further, please give Derek and his team a call to arrange a site visit at your convenience.  No job is too small and the team pride themselves in providing a building maintenance service which saves your business money in the long run.